Terms & Conditions

Participation Waiver
  1. I accept that cage diving with Great White Sharks carries with it some degree of risk. Knowing of the risk I still wish to participate and so expressly agree to assume the risk of personal injury while I participate in this activity.
  2. I release, waive and hold harmless Shark Dive NZ, its owners and / or its employees from all claims, losses damages or expenses including legal costs that may be incurred during or in conjunction with my participation while on the boat or in the cage.
  3. If I am not a resident of New Zealand I declare that I will not endeavour to avoid clauses 2 & 3 of this document by commencing legal action in another country.
  4. I declare and confirm that I am physically fit and have no condition or injury that could be affected by this activity.
  5. I declare and confirm that I have advised Shark Dive NZ of any conditions or injury as listed on the medical conditions list.
  6. I hereby consent to receive medical treatment which may be deemed necessary by Shark Dive NZ in the case of injury, accident or illness during the course of the full day tour and also agree to indemnify Shark Dive NZ in respect of such medical treatment.
  7. If we think that you have used recreational drugs or are intoxicated you will not be permitted to go cage diving and no refund will be provided.
  8. I confirm that I, and all members of my group who are diving, are 15 years or older.
  9. If you are completing this form for others you need to advise them of these terms and conditions as they apply to all members of the dive group.
Shark Dive NZ declare that none of the above conditions are intended to restrict any right or remedies you may have under the New Zealand Consumers Guarantee Act 1993.