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A cage encounter with a Great White Shark is the ultimate in adrenalin tourism.

The Great White is the largest predatory fish in the sea. They’ve earned a fearsome reputation as a ruthless killer, often distorted by media and movie hysteria. The Great White is a part of the vital interdependence of marine species, contributing to balance and survival.

During their 25-year lifespan, the Great White can grow to more than five metres and weigh up to 2,500kg. Although they consume up to 11 tonnes of food every year, one solid meal can last them as much as three months. The females produce offspring every other year and their migration patterns still remain uncertain with various tagging research projects underway to find out where they go. The Great White is found in most oceans and can migrate significant distances between these annually.

Surprisingly, almost a quarter of the total weight of the Great White is attributable to its liver. It also has amazing dental design with up to 1,000 triangular teeth being replaced over its lifespan.

Their diet is mixed, from birds to seals and other bony fish species, but contrary to popular opinion humans are not favoured prey!

The Great White, developed and refined over millions of years, is truly an awesome creature to behold.

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