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Peter Scott

Coastal Skipper; Film, Photographic and Tourism Diving Worksafe endorsement.
Peter Scott has been working in the southern waters of NZ for over 30 years and is a vastly experienced commercial skipper. He caught the shark bug in 2006 and since then has poured considerable time and resources into making white shark diving in southern NZ a reality.

Peter is a fantastic host with real ‘hands on’ knowledge of this shark population, and his depth of experience, colourful character, and strong commitment to diver safety combined with consideration for the sharks themselves ensures a great trip all round!


Andria Scott

BCom (Otago); MBus (Otago)

Marketing Manager Andria Scott answers all emails and queries as well as managing all on-shore operations for Shark Dive NZ.

Peter and Andria are genuinely passionate about White sharks and are strongly focused on passing on an appreciation for these animals to others through responsible and ethical tourism while still ensuring this unique shark population is not overly disturbed or exploited.

Cages and Safety

Our cages are proven, carefully engineered designs that combine strength, safety and ease of use with good field of vision. Over the years we have been working with these sharks we have established stringent safety protocols and procedures to follow.  We are the only company operating at Stewart Island with a 100% perfect safety record.

We follow well-established, best practice guidelines in consultation with Maritime New Zealand.

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